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Of course we all know a healthy lifestyle is nothing without a workout routine, but when you’re really pushing for a goal or to really make a change to your body the workout becomes vital.

We all know a healthy lifestyle is nothing without a workout routine, but when you’re really pushing for a goal or to really make a change to your body, the workout becomes vital. Keep in mind some of the options require some type of gym or equipment to use. There are dumbbell options & band work but the best optimization for workouts are obviously at gyms.

With the Weight loss plan you will have more of a focus on isolating body parts.

The goal is 4 to 5 times a week of working out with for sure one day off, most should utilize two.

The way this works is you get 8 to 10 different exercises for each body part or the main body parts. You will then choose 4 to 5 of those exercises for that body part and do the sets given.

For the Weight loss its will be simple on all sets it will be 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps. The goal is to not only earn a burn but to get a good sweat as well.

For cardio, you want to get at least 30mins of movement, 3 times a week.

Running, biking, walking, sports, Bootcamp so specific cardio that gets your heart rate up and you burn calories.

You may not be familiar with some of the exercises or the names of the exercises. We have videos in the workouts and you can check our YouTube channel as we will post videos in the future. Also, check out our Facebook page now for workouts & examples of exercises.

Remember you can do it, start off slow, make realistic strength goes and then go after it. Do not hurt yourself if you feel any pain on any of the exercises stop immediately and rest or find an alternative. Let’s get it.

Everyone has a different lifestyle, different metabolism, different goals so Todd & Kasia have worked hard over the years to come up with nutritional plans for all different types of people & goals. They have laid out a simple way that has worked for them to keep a healthy lifestyle and help thousands of people reach the best version of themselves.

They keep it simple for all with a formula that will give you different options for breakfast lunch and dinner. Each nutritional plan will give 3 to 5 options for each meal of the day and a list of snacks that fit each specific goal. Remember the goal is to reset your metabolism for these 6 weeks to continue your journey to your results. Some of the basic daily nutritional requirements that go with all plans…

  • A must to drink lots of water, we practice 1 gallon a day for adults and half a gallon a day for 8th grade teens and under.
  • Proper sleep to reset your metabolism is imperative to help you get to the best results
  • As much as we can enjoy a drink of beer or wine, during the 6 weeks you should try your best to refrain from alcohol. A lot of empty calories won’t help your results.
  • We will have a workout routine with each one of the nutritional formulas. Obviously a fitness routine is imperative to get the best results so we have designed basic workout routines to fit each plan. For more personal detailed routines, we offer personalized training options as well.

All the plans, workouts and nutritional programs are what Kasia and Todd use for each phase of their fitness routines at the time. Most of the time they preach 80/20. 80% of the time there should be a heavy dosage of healthy food, proteins, vegetables, healthy carbs. And then 20% could be spent throwing in some of the heavy carbs, salts, sugars, and as they call it spirits.

The belief of Ball4 family is that a healthy you is a happy you. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Life is about the journey of making ourselves better.

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