My Weight Loss Testimonial

I had alway thought I was big framed guy and I wore 220-230 quite well. Everyone always told me, no way, you don’t weigh 225! Then it was 230, 237, 245…and I though as long as I stay below 250, then one day I was 257.8 and was like holy shit… I am almost 260 lbs, closer to 300 than 200.

A couple good friends of mine told me about a new fitness place that had these “boot camps” and they were addicting. I laughed as I ordered another holiday round of drinks..exercise…addicting…yeah right. They secretly convinced me enough to show up at 5 AM on that Monday. I intended to show up as a spoof to shock them and give it a try.

I soon realized my 20-30 mins of eliptical a few days a week that I had lulled myself into thinking I was staying in shape was a big fat lie.

That first boot camp kicked my ass and was a major wake up call.

All these guys my age running circles around me. It fired me up and got my competitive juices flowing.

After a few boot camps it did become addicting. I would go from barely being able to do 10 push ups to 15 then 20, then 60 throughout the boot camp. I went from barely being able to do some exercises to doing them all, then trying to them faster with more reps.

The soreness between classes further fueled my fire, because I knew I was making progress. Soreness = Progress!!

The pounds started melting away, which even added more fuel to my fire and I really tightened up my diet.

All this compounded and culminated in me losing nearly 50 lbs in about 18 months. My lowest weigh in was 208 lbs. and I could not be happier with the results.

Enough praise and thanks can not be given to both Todd and Kasia for getting me in shape and more importantly, helping me adopt a healthier life style.

Thank you, Todd & Kasia!!